Vamsi Maganti

I am a self-taught artist. I am novice but very passionate. My journey into the art world began around November of 2011 and inspiration was my daughter's drawings. So I say, all my art credit goes to her.

Now coming to describe my journey of art - If my paintings have a mission, it is this:- to capture a picture that lies in my sub-conscious after a good read, after a good conversation or after a good visual which have made a special impact and to present them on the canvas in an interesting way.

My art takes inspirations from various readings, friends, nature and authors. I use a limited amount of materials and processes to keep my methodology consistent.

There may be material similarities between the paintings, as they are linked by recurring memories from my childhood in India. The subject matter of each painting is influenced and grouped around Indian culture.

I am passionate about what I do and enjoy every moment of it.

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