Waseem Rahman

Permanent Home: Chicago, Illinois and Lincolnshire, Illinois

Education: School of The Art Institute of Chicago(MFA 2016) DePaul University,Chicago,Illinois.
Advanced courses in painting at the School of The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, The Art House, Chicago, Illinois and The Art & Antique Center of Oak Brook, Oak Brook, IL.

Contribution to Art: Spiritual and Mystical Expressionism.

Publications: Essay on Embracing Universal Individualism, Art As a Spiritual Construct, will be available on Amazon, June 1st, 2013, both, in U.S.and International 2013.
ISBN-13:978-0615837413 ISBN-10:0615837417. Art Of Waseem Rahman, series no. 1, Chicago, Illinois, 2007

Beginning in my childhood and throughout my life, I have worked to master the flow of energy and rhythmic movement in my handwriting. This truly has formed the basis for my painting.

The composition of my paintings, structured with just one continuous, circular movement, develops as the brush remains in continuous contact with the canvas, revealing a harmonious intersection of interconnected forms.

I believe our entire existence is essentially one form—one great connection made through collective experience. My work conveys the role of one individual within a larger whole by representing this uninterrupted line to form a myriad of co-existent realities. I call it CIRCUMLOCUISM, meaning, interrupted forms within unlimited boundaries.

Four elements fulfill the requirements of CIRCUMLOCUISM: Three of which have been firmly established in Cubism: geometricity, simultaneity and passage. Cubism in Cezanne’s work, described, in visual terms, the concept of The “Fourth Dimension”. My work focuses on this the fourth dimension of Curvilinear Movement in an exploration to both see and depict reality as it really is.

Cezanne said, “Nature should be handled with the Cylinder, Sphere and Cone”. Through my art, I follow Cezanne’s example and include the ‘handling of nature’ with the additional element of Curvilinear Movement as understood in Circumlocuism.

In addition to metaphysics, philosophy, theology and artistic genius such as Cezanne, I find inspiration from the ancient understanding of the macrocosm & microcosm: that the same patterns and traits are reproduced at all levels of the cosmos, from the smallest element to the entire universe

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