William Frymire


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William Frymire
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Human vision is a mysterious thing. Two individuals can view the same object and have two different experiences. I love images that are not initially what they seem, or those that trick the connection between our eyes and brain. A style I am constantly drawn to is the dissection and reconstruction of visual images using grids and tiles. Just as with many things in life, I like that depending on the proximity of the viewer and the type of light on the subject, people will see things quite differently. Community involvement and sustainability are common themes in my work. As an artist, I strive to create meaningful art that is reflective of its surroundings, and the local community. Good art creates a connection between the site in which it resides and those who experience it. Ultimately, it should create a sense of identity and community pride for the location. I learned from my Métis grandfather a deep connection to the earth. He was always showing us new and beautiful stones and our agate hunting is a tradition I still carry on today with my children. As an artist working in mosaic, I look for opportunities to integrate and showcase different natural and sustainable materials in an urban environment. My participation in various recycled art exhibitions demonstrate my commitment to environmental sustainability. I strive to use sustainable materials and practices whenever possible. With over 25 years of experience in computer graphics, photography and art, I have developed a unique process for creating mosaics with a modern twist. Any material can be used to form my mosaics, from tiles, to glass, to found objects, provided it has enough variation. Unlike traditional mosaics, the “tiles” are not cut to form the image, but it is the material's natural variation in tone, colour and placement that form the final image. My main mission as an artist is to evoke an emotional response in the viewer. I try to bring awareness of interesting issues to the surface, but ultimately, I let the individual decide what the piece means to them. Just as with many things with life, I like that depending on the proximity of the viewer and the type of light on the subject, people will see things quite differently. I have been working in creative fields for more than 25 years as a photographer and professional artist. My experience in both commercial and public art projects has given me the skills needed to effectively work with other creative professionals and stakeholders on a project team. In my recently completed large scale projects in Fort Saskatchewan and Fort Chipewyan, Alberta, I worked with community leaders, architects, engineers, and suppliers to design, fabricate, deliver and install artwork in the middle of the winter, on budget and on schedule. Just as our communities benefit from the many and varied individuals and groups that make up our society, my technique brings together many varied objects to work together in harmony, creating art that is ultimately more than the sum of its parts. Through my public art I hope to bring my passion for art to a larger audience and scale, to share my creative vision in an eco-friendly way and to ultimately leave the world a better place with beautiful art that will be here long after I am gone.