My professional and personal experiences, in spirit, memory and continued exploration are the catalysts and fodder for what my Artwork represents today. The Artwork is about continual discovery…sometimes for a second time. It is often playful, yet thought provoking, and also deeply evocative. I surrender to the elemental application of mediums as the experience of the soul and the techniques I use mirror and elucidate it. Honesty defines my urban/southwest contemporary expression; the focal purpose of the ‘story’ is portrayed simply, yet abstraction lends complexity to interpretation. I have developed an artistic vocabulary and within the varied vastness of my expression I have discovered the ability to translate the limitless soul of the human condition. My study of special relationships and design enables me to merge space effortlessly with light, color, reflection, perspective, symmetry, and the dynamics of many ‘unseens’ adding a humanistic harmony of emotion when a dimensional focus intersects that of another--capturing a collision of beauty both in time and place.
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