Vortices draw all that surround them into their powerful currents. I’m interested in these masses of energy and how they can contain and then transfer their energy. Each piece is intended to convey a sense of motion and an energy that captures, and then transcends, the particular subject matter. Translating these energies in raw form, I feed the canvas with paint, dyes, metal leaf, enamel and modeling paste, utilizing color with shades of dark and light. In turn, the completed work expresses this dynamic force, inviting the viewer to receive the energy if they choose to. “I love collaborating with my clients. There’s a great synergy that comes from this, and it manifests in the my artwork in a transformative way,” says Melissa. Melissa Mahoney grew up in a family of artists, drawing and painting. She received formal art training at the University of Georgia where she earned a BFA. She went on to study art in Tuscany, Italy.
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