Since childhood, I've always had and interest in art...stopping at a local store during my school lunch time, I would purchase paper and other things with lunch money. And I would draw the pictures advertised in our local TV Guide and mail them in for the fun of it...knowing all along I was too young to get accepted into the artschool representing the ad in the guide but it gave me pleasure that they though I was older than I was when they called my mother on the phone. When my children were able to fend for themselves, I enrolled in a drawing class for relaxation therapy and with their support and encouragement, I dabbled in oils on my own. After having attended a nearby community college, I worked in several medical offices. Still, I never felt I was doing what I myself really wanted to do and after the children were grown and on their own, I decided to pursue watercolors. After several workshops and weekly instructions for a year, I entered the Florida Watercolor Society Juried Show and was accepted on my first try. Something just felt right about doing my own thing and now I eat, dream, and think nothing but "watercolors". I take many photographs and I am now studying plein air styles. Presently I am the vice president and workshop coordinator for the Brevard Watercolor Society and have taken workshops presented by Chuck MacLaughlin, John Salminin, Judi Betts, Susanna Spann, Jean Grastorf, Anne Abgott, Morgan Samuel Price and others. I began watercolors with Maria Eames and Sigi Oberlaender and Linda Neal for technique but hereafter, studied continuously with Therese Ferguson for several years.
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